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Building Site Security

As the construction trade flourishes within Northern Ireland so does its workforce and of course expensive machinery, equipment and materials.

Unfortunately within the UK & Ireland the construction industry are under constant attack whilst absent from building sites from vandals and thieves.

Building Site Crime Statistics

An annual report was released by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) in 2016 which states statistics carried out within the construction industry regarding building site crime;

Theft is the most common crime; 21% of respondents state that they experience theft each week and, overall, 92% are affected weekly, monthly or yearly. This indicates that the industry needs to seriously consider the prevention of theft and ensure that construction workers know how to deal with it appropriately.

Another section of the report details the estimated losses within the construction industry due to vandalism and theft;

It is estimated that the construction industry suffers a loss of more than £400 million a year due to vandalism and theft, although it is hard to get an accurate figure as many of these crimes go unreported.

Building Site Security

Lucid offer affordable and reliable solutions with advanced technologies such as motion activated sensors and CCTV solutions with real-time smartphone alerts and additional 24/7 monitoring solutions.

With crime prevention in mind our technology can also be used in line to help with companies concerned about health & safety precautions relating to unauthorised entry into buildings and construction sites.

With the latest advancements of technology within the Security industry we now have portable wireless solutions to allow temporary sites such as building sites to be fully monitored 24/7 with police response giving you peace of mind that your site is secure and your machinery, equipment and materials are protected.

We also offer CCTV warning signage with all our unattended remote sites as an additional deterrent which can be deployed along the perimeter of your site.

If you would like to find out more regarding our building site security solutions contact us to arrange a visit with one of our security advisors.

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if you would like to read more from the CIOB Report please click on this link | CIOB Report 2016

Lucid Fire & Security Ltd are a SSAIB Security Industry Approved Installer.