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CCTV Systems

Industry leading CCTV systems for home or business

With crime rates increasing and reaching part of our daily life, more and more homes and businesses are opting for increased security with CCTV systems.

At Lucid we understand the importance of security when it comes to your family, property and assets.

We provide our clients with industry leading CCTV systems to give peace of mind that their homes and business are secure.

A robust and afforable camera system is becoming more common amongst commercial and residential properties, allowing home and business owners to check their properties at any given time.

All of our camera systems come complete with remote playback and remote viewing capabilities via PC, Laptop or iOS and Android smart devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

In addition to remote viewing capabilities our security camera systems are capable of connecting to a 24/7 manned Remote Monitoring Station.  Giving the system ability to have no need for phyiscal security guard presence on your premises.


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