Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dakota Bobs Downpatrick


Another stunning site completed and open for business within 8 weeks by restaurant connoisseur Dino Diners.

Lucid had been contracted by Dino Diners to design and install a range of fire and security systems within their most recent American Diner named Dakota Bobs in Downpatrick, Co.Down.

We started with a fully addressable fire alarm system across the entirety of the premises covering all areas to give this restaurant full fire alarm system protection and all kept within the constraints set out in current industry standards.

We also provided an extensive intruder alarm system linked to our NSI Gold approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and a industry leading HD CCTV system allowing for remote monitoring by the client.

Lucid was involved in designing and installing a solution for the kitchen and front of house staff as they had no form of communication as the kitchen sits at the rear of the premises, we designed and installed a simple audio intercom solution allowing for two way audio between kitchen and front of house staff, we also integrated flatscreen monitors and shared a signal feed from CCTV to provide both parties with visual of each other which helped remove any room for miscommunication and incorrect information from customer orders.

Situated nearby the restaurant is the local Omniplex Cinema Downpatrick, this has allowed the two businesses to work alongside with each other creating business, with a full evenings worth of entertainment now available for families and friends in the Downpatrick area.

We highly recommend taking a drive out and visiting Dakota Bobs in Downpatrick the restaurant can be found at:

Downpatrick Cineplex, 5 Owenbeg Avenue, 
Downpatrick, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, BT30 6FJ

Visit their website for more info: