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Building Site Security

As the construction trade flourishes within Northern Ireland so does its workforce and of course expensive machinery, equipment and materials. Unfortunately within the UK & Ireland the construction industry are under constant attack whilst absent from building sites from vandals and thieves. Building Site Crime Statistics An annual report was released by the Chartered Institute…
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Lucid complete project for premier client Revcom

We are proud to announce the completion of our latest project for one of our premier clients Revcom at their new restaurant premises located at the new Omniplex Complex in Omagh. Lucid were contracted to provide a complete compliant addressable Fire Alarm System, 24/7 monitored Intruder Alarm System and a High Definition CCTV System. Also…
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Smart Wi-Fi Doorbells

Give your doorbell an upgrade with our Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell solution. Our new Smart Wi-Fi doorbell simply replaces your existing doorbell, connects to your home Wi-Fi and connects to our handy smartphone app. Imagine being able to view and speak with whoever is at your front door straight from your smartphone anywhere in the world..…
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Unleash your Home Alarm System

Enhance your old alarm system with smartphone app technology! Alarm Systems, aren’t they all the same? Home Security Systems come in many shapes and sizes. Different manufacturers and different Security company installers all add their own personal touch to a product or installation. They also come equipped as either audible only systems or fully monitored…
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Wireless Alarm Systems

Introducing our new Wireless Alarm Systems A perfect security solution for your home or small business. We have launched our new Wireless Alarm Systems which come packed with an exclusive range of wireless add-on security devices, sensors, and even smartphone app functionality. As technology advances so do security installers, keeping up to date with the latest…
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