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WIFI Networks


Improve Your Home or Business Wi-Fi Speeds and Coverage.

Based in Belfast, Lucid Fire & Security Ltd have grown to become one of Northern Ireland’s leading Enterprise Grade WIFI installers, offering our customers improved, reliable wireless solutions.

wifi solutions


WIFI for the Whole Family

Our wireless network technology can provide seamless connectivity across the home for a truly fast and reliable uninterrupted experience.

Wi-Fi and internet access is an essential part of home in modern day life, we’re lost without it and when connectivity continously drops due to poor, unreliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) Wi-Fi routers and modems this becomes frustrating, especially if you run a business or work from home.

We know all too well that Internet Service Providers hand out low cost Wi-Fi equipment and how people struggle to get connection all around the home.

Our team of Wi-Fi solution experts can help design and provide a secure, fast and reliable wireless network all around the home.


We are an SSAIB certified installer, recognised by all major insurance providers and PSNI compliant for providing our customers with police response.


With over 35 years experience within the security industry you can be assured our security experts can cater for all applications and all types of requirements.


Our team of consultants are experts when it comes to security, they can advise on the best methods and design a system to suit your requirements.


Enterprise Grade WIFI Solutions for Business.

Dedicated wireless networks are becoming vastly popular among businesses, giving staff WIFI connectivity anywhere in the office no matter the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Our wireless networks provide businesses a wireless infrastructure within their network to boost traditional Wi-Fi speeds, a wireless infrastructure that they own and they are free to use any ISP they wish.

We specialise in enterprise grade wireless network solutions allowing our business customers to enjoy excellent connectivity and data transfer speeds, making their business and staff become more efficient.

wifi solutions

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