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Wireless Alarm Systems

Introducing our new Wireless Alarm Systems

A perfect security solution for your home or small business.

We have launched our new Wireless Alarm Systems which come packed with an exclusive range of wireless add-on security devices, sensors, and even smartphone app functionality.

As technology advances so do security installers, keeping up to date with the latest security technology is crucial in this industry, we advance to not only to stay ahead of our competitors but to give our clients the best security technology and solutions available on today’s fast-paced market.

If you have landed on this page because you feel you need a Wireless Alarm System or you already have one but the alarm system is outdated or faulty then you have arrived at the right place.

Our systems are not just ordinary alarm systems, they use the latest two-way encrypted wireless technology, they are versatile to suit any application, from residential to small businesses. they are smart systems designed to adopt multiple types of sensors and detectors and they can enable the client to have complete control via smartphone from anywhere in the world.

See below a list of add-on devices that can be integrated with our Wireless Alarm Systems.

Add-on Devices

See below our list of add-on security devices and sensors to customize the Wireless Alarm System to your needs.

Wireless Motion Sensors

Our wireless motion sensors use industry leading passive infra-red technology complete with built-in pet immune features, Protecting your home with advanced motion technology provides more peace of mind.


Wireless Door/Shock Sensors

Wireless door and window contacts give you extra protection and a faster response in the event of a break in. Our contacts also have shock detection perfect for adding additional security to windows, patio doors or conservatories.


Wireless Control Fobs & Panic Buttons

Arm and disarm your system from the touch of a button, our smart control fobs allow day and night time setting and also come pre-loaded with a Panic Alarm function giving you added peace of mind.

wireless alarm fob

Wireless Smoke Detectors

Add fire protection to your home or business with our Wireless Smoke Detectors, protecting your family, home and assets linked to your Wireless Alarm System is a reliable and affordable solution to give you added protection.

wireless smoke detector

Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be fatal, adding a wireless carbon monoxide detector to your wireless alarm system can help keep you and your family safe from this dangerous undetectable killer.

wireless carbon monoxide

Smartphone App Control


Our new wireless alarm systems allow our clients to control and monitor their own alarm system using our industry-leading smartphone app.

Receive real-time activation’s and critical alert’s straight to your smartphone.

Integrating the latest wireless technology giving our clients a wire-free solution without compromising quality and reliability.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your Wireless Alarm System is armed and your assets are protected.

wireless alarm systems

Contact us today for more information on our new Wireless Alarm Systems.

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