Fibre Optic Installation

Fibre Optic Installation


Fibre Optic Installation: Empowering Your Security Systems with Lucid


Fibre optic technology has transformed the data communication sector, offering unmatched speed and reliability. At Lucid Fire and Security, we leverage this innovation to enhance the performance of our security systems, providing state-of-the-art fibre optic installation services that elevate your security infrastructure.

Understanding Fibre Optic Installation

Fibre optic installation involves setting up a network of fibre optic cables that transmit data as pulses of light. Compared to traditional copper cables, fibre optic cables offer higher bandwidth, faster speeds, and greater reliability, making them an ideal choice for advanced security systems.

Key Considerations for Fibre Optic Installation

   1. Type of Fibre Optic Cable: Depending on your specific requirements, we can install single-mode or multi-mode fibre optic cables. Single-mode cables are ideal for long-distance transmissions, while multi-mode cables are best suited for shorter distances.

   2. Network Design: An effective fibre optic network requires careful planning and design, taking into consideration factors like the layout of your property, the number of devices to be connected, and future expansion plans.

   3. Installation Process: Fibre optic cables require precise handling and installation to maintain their integrity and performance. This includes correct termination, splicing, and testing.

The Lucid Advantage in Fibre Optic Installation

Choosing Lucid for your fibre optic installation ensures an efficient, secure, and high-performing network that bolsters your security systems.

   1. Tailored Solutions: We understand that every property has unique security needs. As such, we provide bespoke fibre optic installation solutions, considering your specific needs and premises.

   2. Expert Installation: Our trained team has the knowledge and experience to handle every aspect of fibre optic installation, from network design to cable installation, ensuring optimal performance.

   3. Safety and Compliance: We adhere to all industry safety standards and regulations during installation, ensuring a safe and professional service.

   4. Post-installation Support: We offer comprehensive post-installation support, including system maintenance and troubleshooting, to keep your security network functioning optimally.


Fibre optic installation is an essential component of a robust and effective security network. With Lucid Fire and Security's expertise, you can enjoy superior installation services that enhance your security infrastructure and offer unparalleled data transmission speed and reliability. Contact us today to revolutionize your security systems with our fibre optic installation services.


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Samuel Wilson

Samuel Wilson

I would highly recommend Lucid Fire & Security for CCTV I first made inquiries about having cameras installed at my house, i wasn't sure what I needed or how many, after a chat on the phone with Ross he arranged to call out and do a survey of the property he talked me through different cameras and prices, made an appointment to have them installed the boys turned up on time done an excellent job installing the system then took the time to talk me through how to work the system. First class service

Verified Review

Liam McQuoid

Great company to have on board, we have 8 sites covered by lucid for both fire and monitoring security, the inspections are done like clock work, there is no problem too big or job too small for these guys. Over all they have made that part of our business very easy to manage. Keep up the great work.

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Karen Mc

Had these guys out last week to fix my faulty intruder alarm and fit cctv around my house which they also linked to my phone. Extremely professional and would highly recommend them. First class service. Thanks again

Verified Review

Kris Collins

Lucid fire & security had recently fitted a alarm and camera system to my new build house, they were quick to book me in to a time that suited me, after they installed the system I was quick to inspect their work, i was very impressed to see how neat their work, even in places that weren’t visible, all cabling was straight and tidy in the loft I no this might not mean a lot to some people but it means a lot to me having think neat and tidy, will highly recommend to friends and family. Tops guys!!!!!

Verified Review

Jonathan Campy

Jonathan Campy

Had this company install my CCTV system top class had 2 cameras installed and just 1 week later had someone vandalise my car was caught red handed so then got another 2 cameras installed it pays for itself even when I am away on holiday I can keep an eye on the house without worrying

Verified Review

Viv Sefton

Had a fault with my alarm system and I Contacted Lucid Fire & Security, they were quick to respond and were able to fix my system immediately. Over all, very quick, efficient and professional, excellent job!!!

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