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24/7 Monitoring

At Lucid, we take pride in offering an unparalleled 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) service for your security alarm systems. With our cutting-edge ARC, we provide round-the-clock monitoring and swift response to any potential security threats, ensuring your home or business is safeguarded day and night. Our expert team at the NSI Gold accredited ARC remains vigilant, ready to take immediate action, and deliver peace of mind to our valued customers, knowing that their security is our top priority. Trust Lucid for unrivalled security solutions that keep you protected at all times.


Police Response

Lucid is your ultimate destination for advanced security solutions, offering a state-of-the-art 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) service with the added benefit of Police Response for your security alarm systems. Our NSI Gold accredited ARC is equipped to monitor your premises round the clock, while our expert team ensures a swift and efficient response to any security alerts. With our Police Response feature, we take your safety to the next level, promptly liaising with the authorities when needed. Trust Lucid to provide unmatched protection for your home or business, granting you peace of mind knowing that your security is in capable hands.


Self Monitoring

Experience the ultimate in security with Lucid's cutting-edge self-monitoring service via a smartphone app for your security alarm systems. With our user-friendly app, you can stay connected to your home or business 24/7, receiving real-time alerts and notifications directly on your smartphone. Take control of your security from the palm of your hand, arming or disarming your alarm, checking live feeds, and even receiving video clips of triggered events. Lucid's self-monitoring app empowers you to proactively protect your property, providing the peace of mind you deserve, wherever you are. Trust Lucid for advanced security solutions that put you in control and keep you safe at all times.

Health Checks, Repairs and More

Conveniently based in Belfast we are one of Northern Irelands leading security maintenance providers.

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Health Check Service

Discover peace of mind with Lucid's comprehensive System Health Check service, specially designed for anyone with an existing security alarm system. With our exclusive annual health check, conducted by our skilled technicians, we ensure your system operates flawlessly year after year. Gain access to our emergency engineer access service, ensuring swift response and resolution to any unexpected issues. Plus, with our 24/7 telephone support, you'll never be alone in times of concern. Trust Lucid to keep your security system in optimal condition and provide unmatched support, safeguarding your home or business with confidence.

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Backup Battery

Ensure continuous protection with Lucid's hassle-free battery replacement service for anyone with an existing security alarm system. A properly functioning battery is crucial for your alarm system to operate seamlessly during power outages. With Lucid, you can trust our expert technicians to provide swift and efficient battery replacements, guaranteeing your system's backup power is always at its best. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we even offer free-of-charge battery recycling, ensuring environmentally responsible disposal of old batteries. Count on Lucid for reliable security solutions and eco-friendly practices, giving you peace of mind while protecting your property.


Detection Devices

Ensure optimal security with Lucid's specialised maintenance service for detection devices in your existing security alarm system. Detection devices play a crucial role in detecting and alerting you of potential threats. With our expert technicians, we offer comprehensive maintenance to keep your detection devices in prime condition. Regular inspections and calibration ensure accurate performance, reducing the risk of false alarms and maximising your system's efficiency. Trust Lucid to provide top-notch maintenance, safeguarding your property and giving you the confidence that your security alarm system is always prepared to respond effectively in any situation.

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Service Plan Upgrades

Discover peace of mind with Lucid's versatile and customizable service plans, catering to anyone with an existing security alarm system. Our service plans come with a range of convenient add-ons, including battery replacement plans to ensure uninterrupted backup power, replacement device plans for swift device replacements, and fully comprehensive plans for total protection of your security alarm system. With our expert team, your security system will receive regular maintenance, accurate calibration, and prompt device replacements when needed, ensuring optimal performance at all times. Trust Lucid to provide the perfect service plan tailored to your unique needs, safeguarding your property with unwavering security and reliability.


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Samuel Wilson

Samuel Wilson

I would highly recommend Lucid Fire & Security for CCTV I first made inquiries about having cameras installed at my house, i wasn't sure what I needed or how many, after a chat on the phone with Ross he arranged to call out and do a survey of the property he talked me through different cameras and prices, made an appointment to have them installed the boys turned up on time done an excellent job installing the system then took the time to talk me through how to work the system. First class service

Verified Review

Liam McQuoid

Great company to have on board, we have 8 sites covered by lucid for both fire and monitoring security, the inspections are done like clock work, there is no problem too big or job too small for these guys. Over all they have made that part of our business very easy to manage. Keep up the great work.

Verified Review

Karen Mc

Had these guys out last week to fix my faulty intruder alarm and fit cctv around my house which they also linked to my phone. Extremely professional and would highly recommend them. First class service. Thanks again

Verified Review

Kris Collins

Lucid fire & security had recently fitted a alarm and camera system to my new build house, they were quick to book me in to a time that suited me, after they installed the system I was quick to inspect their work, i was very impressed to see how neat their work, even in places that weren’t visible, all cabling was straight and tidy in the loft I no this might not mean a lot to some people but it means a lot to me having think neat and tidy, will highly recommend to friends and family. Tops guys!!!!!

Verified Review

Jonathan Campy

Jonathan Campy

Had this company install my CCTV system top class had 2 cameras installed and just 1 week later had someone vandalise my car was caught red handed so then got another 2 cameras installed it pays for itself even when I am away on holiday I can keep an eye on the house without worrying

Verified Review

Viv Sefton

Had a fault with my alarm system and I Contacted Lucid Fire & Security, they were quick to respond and were able to fix my system immediately. Over all, very quick, efficient and professional, excellent job!!!

Verified Review